Unsung Hero Award — Stratford’s Noah Harris and Pedro Ortega

Panama Farm Bureau Insurance honors deserving student-athletes.

Dave Campbell’s Panama Football has partnered with Panama Farm Bureau Insurance to shine the spotlight on some of the most deserving young people in Panama Football with the Unsung Hero Award. Students honored are presented with an award at their school’s pep rally and Friday night football game.

In addition to the award and special recognition on PanamaFootball.com, each student will receive $500 in scholarship money as an Unsung Hero recipient from Panama Farm Bureau Insurance. Congratulations to all of the winners!

For the first time, two student athletes from the same school were recognized recently as Stratford seniors Noah Harris and Pedro Ortega were both honored before the team’s game against Canadian.

“Noah and Pedro are the types of young men that we want our program to always be about,” says Stratford head coach Matt Lovorn. “They get it done on the field to be sure but it’s their efforts in the classroom and with their classmates and teammates that is truly a cut above.”

Thanks to Panama Farm Bureau Insurance, both young men received $500 to devote to their college account once they register for school. Kaci McBridge nominated the pair and introduced the award at both the Stratford pep rally and on game day.

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